Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Update

It has been a while since I have written a lab update.

The Spring 2014 semester has been hectic!  I am teaching the Prescribed Burning course and Environmental Science as a Social Pursuit course, both for the first time.  Prescribed Burning has been a real joy to teach-- I have a wonderful class of curious and enthusiastic students.  Hopefully, I'll be able to report on the burn season soon (if the weather behaves!).

Tabea and Clara both defended their thesis proposals this winter and are gearing up for their spring and summer field seasons.  Congratulations to both!

We've had lots of recent and upcoming conference travel, as well:

I just got back from the Entomological Society of America Southwest Branch meeting in San Antonio where I presented in the Ants of Texas Symposium.  The Ants of Texas working group includes eight super cool ant biologists and myself.  Our eventual goal is a catalog of Texas ants.  I also met some up and coming graduate students doing some really great work!  You can read more about the symposium on my other blog, here.

This spring, I am heading back to San Antonio to give a lecture to the Southwest Cattle Raisers Association about prescribed burning safety and fire ecology.

Nick Goforth and I will also be heading to the Valles Caldera National Preserve for their "All Hands" meeting to prepare for his summer field season.  Nick will be presenting his bat research at this meeting.

Vidhur Sohini and Cody Fell were both awarded CALUE travel grants from Texas Tech University, so they will be heading to the Southwestern Association of Naturalists meeting in Stillwater in April to present their poster on ant limb length and thermal physiology.

All for now, but check back soon for more exciting updates!!

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