Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Lab Update

I'll skip the part about how fast this month has flown by this time around.

Here are the highlights from the last month:

Finals are finished.  Grades are submitted.  Everyone survived the fall semester enact.

Exciting news!  Dr. Robin Verble and Dr. Gad Perry were recently awarded a Texas Horned Lizard License Plate fund grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to fund their work on habitat suitability mapping for Texas horned lizards.

Nick Goforth completed his MS proposal defense and is on to the next stages of his degree.

Clara Frasconi-Wendt and Tabea Malinowski both have proposals ready to send to their committees.  This represents a semester of research, experimental design, and hard work on their parts, and we are excited to get started on data collection next spring.

We wish each of you a very happy holiday season and safe travels as you visit family and friends!

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