Friday, August 30, 2013

AgFest 2013

The Texas Tech University Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE) took part in the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resource's AgFest 2013.

SAFE President, Heather Williams, ran a booth that provided students and faculty with information about the club, activities, and missions.  Club t-shirts were also available (and still are!-- only $10).

Heather Williams, club president, runs the booth

Club materials at the booth

Society for Conservation Biology and SAFE students

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Graduate Students Join Lab

We are pleased to welcome two new graduate students to the Fire Ecology Lab.

Tabea Malinowski is pursuing an M.S. in Natural Resources Management.  She officially signed on to join the lab several months ago, but travel delays prevented her arrival until last week.  Tabea will be working on the interactions of horned lizards, vegetation, and land management.  She is originally from Germany and is participating in the Texas Tech University International Center for Arid Lands and Semi-Arid Lands (ICASALS) graduate student exchange program.

Clara Fransconi is also pursuing an M.S. in Natural Resources Management.  She will be arriving in Lubbock this week.  Her work will focus on harvester ant ecology and nesting.  She also hails from Germany is part of the ICASALS graduate student exchange program.

Look for more information about our new students under the "Lab People" tab soon!