Sunday, February 17, 2013

Firefighter Training Field Day

On February 16th, the Texas Tech Student Association for Fire Ecology, Seth Pearson (formerly of The Nature Conservancy), and I held a field day as part of S-130/S-190 Type II firefighter training.  We had about 12 enthusiastic participants in the course.  Topics included use and care of hand tools, the IRPG, Fireline Handbook, basic hoses and pumps, driptorch care and use, and fire weather.  Here are some photos from the day.

Students size up a ribbon fire on the Texas Tech native rangeland.

SAFE Club President, Jeff Hill, learns to use a fire hose.

Seth Pearson explains drip torches and ignition techniques to students.

Students deploying practice fire shelters.

Neil Estes learns how to control hose pressure.
MS Student, Anna Meyer, assembles a drip torch.

Students dig a fire line at the native rangeland.

Students complete an arduous pack test at the Texas Tech Rec Center.

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